(Update #4) Finding Opportunities During this Crisis

Covid-19 Update: April 1, 2020

Sadly, but not surprisingly, I know those of you in practice just aren’t hearing much from new business / clients these days. Beyond the fact that everyone still appears to be in shock over this crisis (no surprise – aren’t we all?), I’m sure most people who might have been reaching out for help feel like even advocates would be helpless. After all – we’re all shut in. Even in areas where that’s not the law, smart people – the ones who reach out for private advocates – have taken those steps themselves.

During the past few days, we have been developing more podcasts about managing one’s advocacy practice thru this pandemic. We’ll be adding to the series within the next day or two once the new ones (cost advocates, and marketing) are added to the list.

So today I want to share the one, VERY IMPORTANT, overarching theme among those advocates who are going to pull their practices through the crisis.

That word is OPPORTUNITY.

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That’s it – what will separate the survivors from the walk-aways will be the thought process that says business survival through this crisis is a huge HUGE challenge, and that any challenge in life is just another word for creating an opportunity.

I know – you’re wondering – “Seriously? What kind of opportunity?”

The answer is this: there are dozens of steps you can be taking – right now and for the foreseeable future – that will strengthen your business, and your skill set. Among them:

  • Reach out by phone to every past and current (and potential) client to ask them how they are faring, and to help them – even if it’s just out of the kindness of your heart (and not a business / revenue pursuit.)
  • Reach out to your neighbors, co-workers or former co-workers, distant family members, and others who might need some support at this time. You could even try a few of your long lost high school or college friends!
  • For these calls, prepare ahead with things like: a list of topics you want to touch on (examples: do you have the help you need to get groceries? have you filled your drug prescriptions? are you hearing anything that sounds like a scam that you’d like me to walk you through?)
  • Take online courses to improve your skills. Earn some of those CEs you need for certification!
  • Participate in discussion forums (APHA, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) that help you stay connected and see what sorts of topics are being discussed.
  • Spend some time cleaning up your social media presence, your website, your directory profiles, and others…

That’s a start. As you tackle each of these opportunities, you’ll think of others.

Please, please do not let this crisis defeat you! Take action now. Take this opportunity NOW.

Do you have additional suggestions for proactivity> Join us in the Discussion Forum! (If you aren’t registered, you can do that here.)

Don’t forget, too, that we are compiling resources for all advocates:Coronavirus / COVID-19 Resources and Best Practices for Advocates and Care Managers

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  1. Public speaking is the #1 opportunity for developing your advocacy practice –with life on hold, now is a great time to develop your talks, marketing materials and contact lists to line up speaking engagements. If you already have presentations, offer them to the activities directors at independent living facilities where they can live-stream your talks on their intranets to residents who are hungry for connection. Once life returns to normal, I believe there will a global hunger for information and resources to help mitigate the health care vulnerabilities we all feel so acutely now. Advocates are poised to fill those needs so hang in there –plan for your success and be prepared to be a speaker in demand. Take care, everyone.

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