(Update #3) Starter Ideas for Helping Clients During a Pandemic

Covid-19 Update: March 21, 2020

Responses to my previous post indicate many advocates are beginning to emerge from your “OMG” moments and trying to figure out how to get started, to prepare yourselves for what is to come. GREAT!

Here’s a start – a good idea for getting your head into the right space while you help others: Research local pharmacies, their hours, their delivery options, and phone numbers. Do some outreach to current and pending clients (call, text, or email) to ask them about their supply of their regular, daily meds, and to remind them they will need to stock up. Lead times for refills may be longer during this crisis, so early-ordering is essential.

Then help them order refills if you can. Pharmacies that offer delivery are a good choice – as long as the receiver (client or family member) throws away any packaging upon delivery and washes their hands carefully after doing so. Whether you want to chance taking care of delivery yourself is entirely up to you. If you decide to handle delivery for them, be sure to take all necessary precautions yourself (like leaving the delivery in a safe place but not handing it off directly) and remind them of what to do once you have delivered.

Some clients use electronic ordering (Express Scripts, CVS, Pharmerica, and others) in which case you may not be able to help. However, your outreach will be a good reminder for them to check their supply, and they will remember you are available should they need help with any sort of future healthcare system troubles, whether or not those are related to COVID-19.

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Don’t forget, too, that we are compiling resources for all advocates:Coronavirus / COVID-19 Resources and Best Practices for Advocates and Care Managers

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