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(Update #5) For Your Listening and Learning Pleasure…

Covid-19 Update: April 13, 2020

Whether you’re holed up in your home office, or enjoying a nice walk or other exercise, or anything in between, your earpods, or earbuds, or a headset can be your friend and teacher for three podcasts APHA recently recorded and published under the title Crisis Conversations.

(1) Providing Advocacy CARE Services During a Pandemic

Despite physical distancing and no direct contact with clients, how can patient advocates serve their needs and stay available to them> APHA interviewed six very successful advocates on the topic of CARE services, discussing a variety of services and ways to reach out that can fill the care gaps during this pandemic. Included is a guide on how to tackle unusual problems that may come our way as unanticipated consequences of decisions being made as this crisis pans out.

(2) Providing Advocacy COST Services During a Pandemic

With the same constraints discussed in our CARE conversation, and with expansion on the anticipation of the questions that will likely begin to arise post-pandemic, we discussed with five COST experts possibilities, probabilities, and what to do when they come your way. Five of our successful medical billing and claims advocacy experts shared their ideas and suggestions during this podcast so you all could ramp up to prepare for what is to come.

(3) Mind Your Marketing During a Pandemic

Knowing clients will need us post-pandemic in ways they never may have anticipated, what are some of the ways we can keep our practices top-of-mind, during the crisis, and later, to be situated well to be discovered or remembered once the crisis is over> APHA interviewed two advocacy marketing gurus to get some ideas and answers – messaging and tactics – which you can implement, too.

Find links to all three podcasts here.PracticeUP! online pandemic course image

There is no cost to access or listen to these podcasts. They are open to members and non-members alike.

Update (April 19, 2020)

And – a bonus! Our sister site, offers a course based on these podcasts, and much more, in the next few days. BCPAs will be able to earn 2.5 CEs toward their recertification from the course.

Learn more about Pandemic! Take Care of Clients, Preserve and Grow Your Practice.

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