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Revisiting Education and Patient Advocates’ Certification

Attendees at our recent AdvoConnection Business Institute had a variety of topics and issues they wanted to discuss. Follow up surveys and emails produced even more, including some questions that, over time, will be answered to our best ability. Some will be answered during teleconference call-ins, others through our fabulous advisors, and one or two will be addressed right here on the blog. One question that pops up frequently regards certification. As I’ve written before, and as is true today, there is no such thing as a nationally recognized patient advocacy certification – period. Therefore, there is no such thing …

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First Schueler Compass Award Winners

The first AdvoConnection Business Institute is behind us – a grand learning time was had by all. During the conference, the establishment of the H. Kenneth Schueler Patient Advocacy Compass Award was announced by our “mystery” keynote speaker – Alexandra Schueler, Ken’s daughter. Her speech was one of the best I have ever heard in any venue, under any circumstances – quite remarkable for a young woman who is just starting out in the world. Alexandra shared her dad with us, what she knew about his work, and his relationship to his work. She evoked laughter and tears, respect and …

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Your Success as a Patient Advocate Isn’t About You

There’s a guy who has developed the formula for determining winning lotto numbers correctly 92.6% of the time. He’s so good at determining those winning numbers that all 50 states, plus the Irish Sweepstakes and the Nigerian Lottery, have banned him from playing their games. He’s been escorted away from more scratch-off ticket vending machines than anyone can count. And he lives around the corner from you. Now – hold that thought. ………………………………………….. Dorothy spent 28 years as a pediatric nurse, first in a busy peds practice where she had a marvelous reputation as a knowledgeable and caring professional. Then …

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Got Business? AdvoConnection One Day Business Institute – Reserve Your Spot Now

Most members of AdvoConnection are aware of the upcoming Business Institute, but for those of you who aren’t members – you are invited, too! The cost to attend goes up this week, so this is the time to make your commitment. Topics will include legal, insurance, marketing, tools, money and certification. Here are some of the questions we will answer: Do you have the right insurance at the best price? What forms do you need and what makes your contracts legally binding? What’s the latest on certification issues? How can you deal with business problems your client poses, like not …

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Insurance Reimbursements? Not Exactly a Pot of Gold

A recent post from a member advocate in our AdvoConnection Forum asked if any of our members have experience with working with self-funded insurance to offer patient advocacy services. Wouldn’t that be a great way to establish a big client, with a pot of money that was ready to be paid to private patient advocates? There were no replies to the question. That doesn’t mean that no one has experience with these reimbursements. It just means that no one replied to the question. BUT – the reasons no one replied may be a version of the following:

Calling All Health Advocates – And Those Who Wish to Be One

I’m excited to announce the launch of the new website (and therefore the agenda) for this year’s AdvoConnection Business Institute! This is something AdvoConnection’s members have requested for more than a year – one stop shopping – one place they can go to build their skills, improving those aspects of an advocate’s business that need support – from insurance (does my nurses insurance rider cover me?) to legal matters (forms and contracts) to marketing (do I really need a Facebook page?) to business tools (tracking clients, an inexpensive 800 phone number and more) to networking with fellow advocates and not-yet-advocates …

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