First Schueler Compass Award Winners

The first AdvoConnection Business Institute is behind us – a grand learning time was had by all.

During the conference, the establishment of the H. Kenneth Schueler Patient Advocacy Compass Award was announced by our “mystery” keynote speaker – Alexandra Schueler, Ken’s daughter. Her speech was one of the best I have ever heard in any venue, under any circumstances – quite remarkable for a young woman who is just starting out in the world. Alexandra shared her dad with us, what she knew about his work, and his relationship to his work. She evoked laughter and tears, respect and compassion. The audience was truly moved, and even those who had never heard of Ken and his work came to know the most important parts of him and his legacy.

And now we will further Ken’s legacy through this new award, described here.

To punctuate Alexandra’s talk, we announced the first winners of the Schueler Compass Award.

These first three winners were chosen by Alexandra and me (Trisha Torrey) because they exemplify the high ideals that laid the foundation for Ken’s work and because they were all good friends and colleagues of Ken’s. Then, because they are the first three, they were also asked to serve on the committee that will choose the winners in future years. Please wish them a hearty congratulations!

You can learn more about the award, and find a link to the application on the AdvoConnection website. Deadline for the 2012 award is December 1, 2011. We hope you will apply.

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  1. Marguerite Anne Samuels

    I had the honor of working with Ken Schueler for seven years from 1990-1997 as his assistant when he was a medical device expert supplying medical equipment to WHO, UNICEF, and USAID. Ken was truly a courageous, intelligent, generous, kind, resourceful, and compassionate man. I considered him a friend. I was saddened to learn of his death in May 2011. I remember Alexandra coming into the office at age four. Ken was a great father. He taught Sunday School to high school students. Everything he did, he gave his all. I learned a lot about medical equipment and the healthcare profession. It was truly a pleasure to work with Ken. When my own father was diagnosed with cancer, Ken provided me with information. I was still working with Ken and my father died, he closed the company for a few hours and the company attended my Dad’s funeral. I will miss Ken and will always remember him.

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