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(Update: December 2017. This post was written in 2014 (see the URL in your browser bar) when we launched the “new” directory – pictured below. Since then, our even newer directory was launched in Fall 2017. We continue to upgrade and update for directory listed advocates!)

highwatersWhen I was a first grade teacher (which, I dare say, might have been before some of you were born), I got a huge kick out of one observation I made in early January every year.

My observation was that my students returned after the holiday break – and once again – their pants were long enough to cover their ankles.

Now – OK – for those of you who are too tired to interpret that – it meant that before the holidays, they had grown so much since the beginning of the school year that their britches were too short. We called their before-the-holiday pants “high waters”! I’ve heard they are also called “flood pants” – you get the picture. The fact that they had been given new clothes as holiday gifts meant that, indeed, they had grown.

(And here’s a blast from the past… they were wearing those high waters over their underoos. 🙂 )

So what does that have to do with patient advocacy?

About six months ago, we determined that the AdvoConnection Directory had begun to grow out of its britches, too. I’m not sure I would have described them as high water… but our profession and the recognition of patients and caregivers have evolved since the original directory was launched in August 2009. You might also be interested to know that when we launched, we had about 30 people listed.

Yes – we have grown.

So we got busy redesigning the directory. We looked at improved technology, updated graphics, better background information for its visitors, and then, to upgrade its use for APHA members, we determined what kinds of information members would want to showcase about themselves and their practices that would maximize their exposure to the patients and caregivers who would hire them.

AdvoConnection Directory HomepageVoila! Last week we launched the newly redesigned AdvoConnection Directory. Now we’re feeling quite robust, and quite spiffy too. Further, we have just over 150 private, independent advocates listed (from among our almost 500 APHA members.

Yes – we have REALLY grown.

Take a spin! Do a search as if you are a patient or caregiver. Check out other people in your own area who are working as advocates and are featured in the directory. If you aren’t in it, and you want to be (today or in the future) then apply for a membership in APHA and we’ll work on it together.

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