Nevertheless, We Persist

This isn’t intended to be a political statement, even if it has its roots in the political nastiness and vitriol taking place in the United States Congress.

That said, perhaps it IS political. Except in this case, I’m referring to the politics of the healthcare system.

You would have to be living under a rock to have missed what will become (at least) 2017’s battle cry for finding some balance and fairness in our world. As Elizabeth Warren spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives, she quoted Coretta Scott King to explain why she felt the Cabinet nominee for Attorney General was not qualified to hold the office. She was interrupted by Mitch McConnell who cited a rule he felt she had broken. She was forced to stop, and to leave the floor of the House.

When asked for an explanation, McConnell replied,

She was warned.
She was given an explanation.
Nevertheless, she persisted.

It took no time at all for his words to become representative of how we win any struggle, no matter the roots of that struggle. And while, in this case, most of the focus is on Elizabeth Warren and women – in this case I’ll invoke it on behalf of patients, their loved ones, and their advocates:

We are provided with explanations.
(They aren’t good enough or don’t serve us well.)
And so – yes – nevertheless, we persist.

Isn’t that exactly what our jobs are? Isn’t that what our clients pay us for? Isn’t that the foundation for our senses of satisfaction – when our persistence is rewarded?

Persistence, in the midst of being dismissed, or ignored, or given explanations that aren’t useful – THAT is what gets our clients what they need, that’s the line we go to, and THAT is what our profession is all about.

Advocate Persistence = Improved Quality and Quantity of Life = Success

No matter whether we are male or female, as advocates we must all channel our inner-Elizabeth Warrens in order to get our patient-clients what they need to help improve their quality and quantity of life.

Nevertheless, as Advocates, We Persist.

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