The 2015 Schueler Patient Advocacy Compass Award Winner Is…

Ken Schueler, before he passed away in 2011, was the most exemplary of professional, independent patient advocates. He was kind and compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, a great businessman, and a gift to all those who knew him. One of his former patients said of Ken, “When I contacted Ken Schueler,it was like finding my compass.”

Ken’s ethics and standards were above reproach. He saved lives, improved the quality of life for many, and generously donated his time helping others learn to be great health advocates in order to grow the profession. These important contributions helped to establish and grow our profession of patient advocacy.

schuelerlogoTo celebrate Ken’s life and his contribution to the many patients and advocates he supported and influenced over the years, the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates established the H. Kenneth Schueler Patient Advocacy Compass Award, requiring those who would earn the award to demonstrate their own contributions to their patient-clients, and to the profession. We did so with the help of Ken’s daughter, Alexandra, a talented and? accomplished young woman in her own right, who worked with us to establish the criteria for the award and continues to serve as a judge each year.

And so, it is with pride that we confer our 2015 Schueler Compass Award to

Teri Dreher of Chicago, Illinois.

Congratulations to Teri!


Why Teri?

Applicants are asked to provide information and examples of their dedication to these attributes which were important to Ken:

> Empowerment

> Inclusion

> Integrative approach

> Continuous learning

> Mentoring (other advocates)

> Community

Each year the applications are reviewed against these criteria by the judges, a group comprised of past winners, plus Alexandra Schueler. They work hard to sort through the impressive information supplied by applicants each year.

It was this group that chose Teri as this year’s winner of the award as she was able to demonstrate devotion and success in these attributes.

While there could be much positive to say about Teri’s accomplishments, it is, perhaps, her dedication to growing and expanding the field that was most impressive to me. She not only started an advocacy consortium of advocates, home care and elder services organizations in Chicago, but she has taught dozens of other health-related professionals about advocacy and its benefits. Her support and hard work toward growing our profession is extensive – and appreciated.

Learn more about the Schueler Award. Learn more about Teri and her advocacy practice. And please congratulate Teri on this fine accomplishment.

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