Let’s Do a Refresh for 2014 – A Tipping Point for Private Advocacy!

AHAPC-coversmThe holidays are behind us. The fre-e-e-zing cold has arrived in most of North America. We’re feeling a little sluggish perhaps…. and maybe need a kick in the behind to get ourselves going in 2014.

2014. That means we’re in our fifth year of building this new profession…. Let’s make this the Year of the Independent Patient Advocate’s Tipping Point! (can I hear an A-MEN?)

Are you ready for it?

If not, and if you’re in practice working with clients, helping them with the dozens of services they need, then you can probably use a reminder and refresher for those aspects of your business that could use some love and attention.

Enter: Your Annual Health Advocacy Practice Checklist of 2014?

This is actually the second year for this checklist… although last year it had the words “kick start” in the title and was comprised of only 10 ideas.

This year’s new, revised and updated version is much meatier. There are 12 tasks for your consideration, and 6 of them are entirely new. The resources are far more extensive. And the price tag is a little higher, too. ($4.99)? It will be available for a limited time – through March 31, 2014 only.

I should also note that it’s written specifically for those who are already doing business as private advocates. Others can learn from it, too – but the focus is on those who are already building their practices.

If you are a Premium or Business Member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, you can obtain your own copy of the Checklist for FREE. (Log in to your Membership Dashboard and find the link.)

If you are a PACE, PACE International or Directory Only member, you are entitled to a discounted price ($2.99 – log in to your?Membership Dashboard and find the link.)

Anyone else is invited to purchase this 18-page report (pdf only) for only $4.99. Find more information and a link to purchase it here.

So are you with me? Can we make this the year of our profession’s tipping point? What will my report be on the status of private, independent advocacy in 2015?

Let’s make it a year to remember. And let’s start it out right by taking care of business. That’s what the Checklist is for. So yes – the best of 2014 to you. I wish you much success in your practice as you help your clients weather their healthcare system storms. No matter how cold it gets!

Note: April 1, 2014 – this special report is no longer available. Watch for next year’s Checklist to be published in early January 2015.

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