Don’t Kick Yourself Later! The Top 10 Reasons You Need to Attend the APHA Workshops

kickWith only two weeks to go before our Alliance of Professional Health Advocates Business & Marketing workshops, we still have a few seats left! I know that in the past when I’ve been on the fence about whether to take a course or attend a seminar, I have too easily let them go by without taking action – missing out entirely – and then – ARGHGH! – I kick myself afterward.

I do not want you to kick yourself afterward if you miss them! So here are your top 10 reasons to attend these workshops:

10. Because, no matter what kind of advocacy you do, whether it’s care coordination, medical billing, shared decision making, mediation – or any other types of service – you need to understand business. The best advocate in the world will not succeed unless he or she can run a business efficiently and effectively

9. Because even if your goal is to get a job as an advocate, you need to understand business and marketing to enhance your resume and to make an impression in an interview.

8. Because there will be no better regional networking opportunities this year. With workshops being held in cities across the country, you can travel not far from home to attend and spend time with others who share your interests. Bring your business cards!

7. Because other advocates might be your best clients – and – engaging other advocates to help you grow your business might be a great way to expand. You’ll spend 1-1/2 days sharing workshops and new knowledge with some of your best target audiences and support. This will be your only opportunity to do all that sharing in a business environment.

6. Because there is no better value in advocacy business education. Our curriculum is spot-on to your needs at a very low cost, as follows:

  • 5. Our three locations each year are chosen to keep your costs-to-attend as low as possible. If you can’t drive to one easily, you should be able to fly for no more than a couple of hours without having to change planes. Fares are lowest that way.
  • 4. Because all three workshop venues are hotels right next to each airport, meaning costs stay low because you won’t need to take a cab or rent a car. If you do drive, we have negotiated the lowest daily parking rates, too.

3. Because the curriculum is set up to benefit both advocacy veterans and newbies – each workshop is tailored to the people who attend and their knowledge needs. We’ll tackle topics like getting clients to sign contracts (and pay you!), how to price your services, how to do marketing if you hate public speaking, how to use the Affordable Care Act for your practice, and more.

2. Because nobody can ever do enough marketing, and new ideas are always needed. We’ll look at dozens of low and no cost marketing tactics that don’t involve being sales-y and don’t lean on cold calls (I hate cold calling) or expensive advertising.

1. Because I’d love to meet you! As the director of the Alliance, and as the main workshop instructor – I’ll be there to chat with each of you, get to know you and your business needs better, and just as important, get to know more about you as a person. (OK – so reason #1 is really quite selfish, isn’t it? !!)

Don’t kick yourself when the workshops have gone by, and you weren’t there. There are at least these 10 reasons you should be there, and any reasons not to attend pale in comparison.

No, the workshops will not be taped or recorded. No, you will not have an opportunity to take advantage of them at another time. This is your golden, and only opportunity for the foreseeable future.

Register today – join us at the APHA Business and Marketing Workshops! Your confidence will bloom and your practice will thrive.

Can’t wait to meet you!

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Agree? Disagree?

Share your experience or join the conversation!


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