Mid-Year Resolution Check Up – What Have You Accomplished?

goalAt the mid-year point, past the July 4th holiday…. time to take stock.

All those resolutions I made on January 1 – how have I done? How many have I checked off my list?

True confession time: I have NOT lost all that weight I was planning to lose this year, nor have I quit smoking (well, seriously – I never started so I didn’t really have to quit anyway). I’m not saving any more money this year than last, and I haven’t read the Bible or War And Peace.

Yikes. Time to get a move-on.

OK – your turn. How are YOU doing with your resolutions as we make our way into the second half of the year?

Of course, I have my excuses…. don’t we all?

As business owners, we have our goals for any given year, too. You might have determined that this year you wanted to:

  • throw the switch to start your business
  • finish building your website so you could think about throwing the switch
  • quit your employed job so you could devote full time to advocacy
  • update your marketing plan
  • done more public speaking
  • start a blog
  • attend a class, workshop or conference
  • or any of dozens of other goals….

Did you? Have you?

And if not… what is holding you back?

Short and sweet for today’s post… Just a check-up. Please share with us all:

  • Have you accomplished what you had hoped in 2013?
  • Are you on your way? (Have you gotten started?)
  • Do you think you can complete your goal(s) by the end of the year? You’ve still got almost six months!
  • If not – what could help you get started, or complete your resolution – your goals? What’s holding you back?

What I’m hoping is that some of you will post successes (yay!) and that some of you will post hurdles so the rest of us can help you get past them.

This is the no nag and no judgment zone. Share below!

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