Third Annual Private Professional Patient Advocates’ Recognition Shows How We Have Matured

Week after week I hear from people who are just beginning to explore the idea of becoming a private health advocate. They have just heard of the possibility, or they want to know if there really are people making a living as private advocates, or they wonder if someone like them (describe background here…) would make a good advocate….

I do love hearing from them. One of the joys of my life is encouraging them, assisting them, providing resources….

But perhaps the biggest joy I get from the various forms of patient empowerment and advocacy work I do is knowing that someone has succeeded – someone has actually made their success as an advocate happen. I can’t begin to tell you how that makes my heart sing.


Because when an advocate finds success, he or she has done so because a patient has gotten what he or she needs. That, for me, is an incredible high.

So you can imagine, then, how much I enjoy this week each year… and for this, the THIRD ANNUAL Private Professional Patient Advocate’s Week… we showcase dozens of success stories. They highlight the success of advocates, yes. But just as much, and representing even more, they show how patients have benefited because these advocates were there to help them.

I invite you to take a look at the advocates we highlight this year. Read their stories. They provide a great sampler of services, benefits and outcomes. They might provide you with ideas for your own practice, including marketing ideas. Overall you will begin to get an appreciation for the scope of this new profession and the ways patients are so much better off having had these fine professionals provide them with assistance.

And for those of you who have been among the newbies asking about the possible successes as a private advocate –  They give you some encouragement and a bit of a push off the cliff….

Each of our success stories started right where you are today, asking the question, “Is it possible?”

It’s not only possible – it’s reality. Saving lives, and people’s financial health, every day.

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