Seize the Moment! A Free and Easy Marketing Tip for Advocates

It’s the best kind of marketing tip. There’s no cost to execute, it doesn’t take much time, and if your target audience is seniors, it’s a sure fire way to put you in front of them, providing an opportunity to describe your services and the benefits of working with you.

No – it’s not public speaking. No – it’s not about “making the sale.” It’s much more subtle, and incredibly useful.

While I don’t do this often, I’ve decided to reserve this tip for Premium and PACE members of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates only. In order to find this tip, members will have to log into their membership dashboard. You’ll find a link right there at the top of the announcements.

Look for this icon:

The only caveat is that this one has a shelf life. This particular tip won’t work in another week.? So check it out now, spend a few minutes to prepare, then make it work today!

Want to see what it’s about, but you’re not a member> Simple solution. Join The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

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