We’re Official! Meet The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

Three years ago when we launched AdvoConnection as both the directory patients and caregivers can use to find a patient or health advocate to help them… AND…. the membership organization that supports those same directory found advocates build their practices, little did we know how fast we would grow in both our numbers of members, and the scope of our offerings.

It didn’t take long before we outgrew ourselves. So much so that if someone said “AdvoConnection” we would have to spend the next few minutes clarifying: were we referring to the directory? or to the membership organization?

So we have taken steps to allay confusion, and at the same time give our membership organization the status it deserves. As of today, we have launched The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (formerly the AdvoConnection membership organization) – and our new website, located at: www.APHAdvocates.org

I will admit that we aren’t totally moved in just yet. It turns out that the membership site alone is comprised of 2055 different files – graphics, pages, text and content – it has been an incredible undertaking making the change and we aren’t finished yet. (Let me pause a moment to bow at the feet of our web guru Maryellen who has patiently put up with me as we made the transition!)

Remember the last time you moved? You got the kitchen sorted out, the beds made up, the living room arranged, and even the pets found new corners to eat and sleep…. but you still had to put up with boxes here and there, and you emptied them out over time….

And that’s where we are with our move. And yes, we’re still in the process of sending out change-of-address cards. We expect we’ll meet the neighbors soon.

What hasn’t changed are the many great benefits of membership. In fact, with our new “home”, we have more room to spread out – a better framework from which to serve your needs. It won’t take long before we marvel that we ever tried to squeeze into our old digs.

So take a look! www.APHAdvocates.org

If you are a member, you’ll find the new log-in from the very top of the homepage.

If you aren’t a member, we’ve clarified memberships and benefits on the Membership Page. Take a look – we invite you to join in!

Curious about what the “inside” looks like? Take one of our Virtual Tours:

A PACE virtual tour (for people who are just thinking about becoming advocates)

A Premium virtual tour (for those who are working with paying clients)

Questions? We’ve got a new email address, too: info(at)aphadvocates.org (although, don’t worry, the old ones will continue to work just as well.)

Watch for even more updates in the next few weeks.

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