Spring Cleaning

If only my closets, cupboards and drawers were as cleaned out as the AdvoConnection websites are today!

AC Members know that during the weekend, we moved – moved servers that is. Moved the 3,910 files that comprise the two websites (membership site and directory site) from one hosting server to another – a major undertaking. Moved the gigantic database that contains all the information about members, visitors, services, locations, explanations – all of it. Moved the zip/postal code database that helps patients and caregivers find our members, ready to help them with their healthcare system challenges. (Here’s a statistic for you – there are 868,939 zip and postal codes total between the US and Canada!)

Why move? Because we needed more space. AdvoConnection is growing faster than originally anticipated. In three years we’ve gone from our original 40 or so members to almost 350 members, so planning for the future requires a larger, more robust environment.

Moving from one hosting server to another is a little like moving from one house to another. It’s a major undertaking, you realize how much stuff you have (some of which you really don’t need), and you vow to be a lot more organized in your new place.

All true for this exercise for AdvoConnection, too. During the move, we cleaned out almost 200 files – just got rid of them – because they were either never being used, or they were no longer being used, or were actually duplications. We reorganized a few, too….

But why all this, and why now? How will this affect YOU, the member (or someday member) of AdvoConnection?

Our new home allows us some extra elbow room and capabilities. It’s time to use them! Later this week, we’ll be launching a new way for AdvoConnection’s Premium and PACE members to find the information they need on the member site. Member dashboards are about to get a makeover – a new way of navigating the site that makes better sense than what it has evolved to on its own, as it has grown over these three years.

So – if you’re already a member of AdvoConnection – watch your inbox for an announcement later this week about your new Dashboard.

And if you’re not a member – then join us! There’s never been a better time to start or grow a health advocacy practice…. with a new member dashboard to boot.

(Now – if only it was so easy to clean up the entire healthcare system, reorganize it, improve it… )

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