Sad News and a Heavy Heart

Ken Schueler, perhaps the godfather of patient advocacy, a mentor to many of us, and a dear friend of mine, passed away Thursday morning, May 19, at his mother’s home in Great Neck, NY.

Ken was diagnosed several weeks ago with pancreatic cancer. He attempted chemo, but had a very difficult time with it. When I spoke with him last week, he was very weak, but upbeat and hopeful the chemo would help extend his life.

Ken was a man of incredible compassion and extensive knowledge. My faith in his abilities grew even more so when he consulted with my father several months ago on some of Dad’s medical issues. Losing Ken feels like losing a family member and will leave a hole in my heart for a very long time.

In the coming weeks, I will tell you more about how Ken will be honored through AdvoConnection. There will be scholarships for memberships in his name to enable his legacy to live on in the work of others.

Please keep Ken and his family in your prayers.

(Update, May 21): The family has requested donations to NAHAC in lieu of flowers. More information.)

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  1. Ken was brilliant, compassionate, insightful and so skilled in navigating the medical system. When my sister was diagnosed with gioblastoma mulltiforme he was her best ally and advocate. Ken was a friend and support to me and to my nephew and others who loved Kerstin. I will never forget you Ken.

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