And Now a Word for Patients….

Last week we recognized Private Professional Patient Advocates Week, and across the country, some great stories showed up in newspapers, on TV, online and in radio broadcasts sharing stories of patients and caregivers who have been helped and the advocates who have helped them.

Some of the stories, both reviewed last week and over the past few years, are amazing – high end cancer protocols that were never mentioned by physicians, but were brought to patients by their advocates. Complementary therapies, and wellness strategies that patients feel have been useful to them. Thousands of dollars …were removed from hospital bills or permission was obtained by an advocate for a test or therapy previously denied by an insurance company….

Patient and health advocates are improving the quality of life for patients everyday.

Whether you are a patient, a caregiver or an advocate, this may not be news to you. Maybe you have had your own experience with an advocate. If so, then you know what an incredible resource you had. I’m often told “I don’t know what I ever would have done without her!” (or, of course without HIM – we are beginning to see more men enter the field, too.)

Have you had a great experience with an advocate? Why not tell us about it. If your advocate is a Premium member of AdvoConnection, we’ll get their permission to add your good words to their listing so others who need an advocate will know what a good job they did for you.

It will take you only a couple of minutes to provide your heartfelt thanks which you can do from this link.

It’s a way to express your thanks and help others, too.

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