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Successes, Failures, and My Biggest Surprise

12 years. While on the one hand, 12 years seems like a looong time, on the other hand, it has gone by in the blink of an eye. I’m referring to the 12 years I’ve focused my professional life on building the profession of independent health and patient advocacy, having made the decision in 2007 to begin building an online presence for advocates through the AdvoConnection Directory website. It eventually launched in Fall 2009* and evolved to become The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates. So I’ve been giving thought to what I consider to be our biggest successes, biggest failures, …

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Independent Advocacy’s Three-Legged Stool of Success

In response to one of the most frequently asked questions I get as the director of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates – I might be providing an answer you don’t expect. That’s OK! Because if you don’t expect it, then you may hear it even more clearly than you otherwise would. And that can only be good. I hear the basic questions in a number of formats: Do I need to get a degree or certificate to be a patient advocate> Followed by, “what degree” or “what courses do I need to take?” Do I need to be certified …

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When Life Defies Logic

…then it’s time to get logical. And logic will triumph! As many readers know, I’m in the process of coordinating our APHA Summits. We had our first Summit adventure in San Diego a few weeks ago. What a delight! We all learned so much from each other! Next up… Newark / NYC, then on to Chicago, and two new groups of passionate advocates. (I can’t wait!) What few people understand is the amount of preparation required to make these Summits happen. It’s not so simple as everyone showing up in the same place at the same time to connect with …

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Direct to Patients: Frank, Honest, and Motivational

In Marketing 101, we learn that we learn that it is imperative to accurately identify our target audiences, then , then develop motivational messages for them about the benefits of working with us. Find the right people. Share the right messages. The blog you’re reading right now does just that: it speaks to advocates and care managers (you! – the right people – our target audience of advocates, care managers, and those who wish to join our profession) to teach them something about their work, and to help them understand the benefits of connection with The Alliance of Professional Health …

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Hey Little Girls: Yes, Women Can Be Brilliant!

(To my gentleman readers – please pardon this week’s post. You are more than welcome to read it, of course, and there will be advantages to doing so, but it’s really aimed at the females among us. That will make sense momentarily.) This week’s post comes as a result of three experiences from the past few weeks, all reminders of the necessity of tooting one’s own horn. We’ll set the stage with one of those experiences; that is, publication this week by the AP of this article Little girls doubt that women can be brilliant, study shows Now, I’m a …

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Breaking the Rules

If you think about it, rule-breaking plays an enormous role in the life and work of a patient advocate. Rule breaking – is one reason (even if it’s not the only reasons) we exist – a problem we fight. One reason we are hired. Rule breaking – might be a success tactic – a way to win the fight. Rule breaking – is one of the major factors that separates private, individual professional advocates from our hospital and insurance counterparts – the distinction that often makes the difference to patient-clients’ outcomes.

It’s the #1 Reason: YDKWYDK

They’re getting worse. Or at least it feels that way. I?ve just spent a week away, traveling across the country for both business and pleasure. While on the road, I?ve talked to dozens of people I?ve never met before. When the subject turned to the ?what do you do for a living? question, and I answered, almost every one of them regaled me with a story ? one story more surprising, frightening or tragic than the next. Either they or a loved one have been caught short by the medical care system, leading to inconvenience at the least, or debilitation, …

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