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The Best Way to Find New Clients

… Isn’t through osmosis! Once again I’ve heard from a newly launched advocate asking me “why can’t I find any clients?” It’s not unlike others who have asked that same question, or similar, like “how can I market my business? or “how can I get my first client?” or “what am I doing wrong?” I receive these frustration emails regularly. Frustrated not-quite-making-money-advocates who want to start and grow a health advocacy practice…

To Quote Dr. Phil – And How’s That Workin’ For Ya?

Dr. Phil

True confession here – I am not a HUGE fan of Dr. Phil’s. However, in the early years of his TV show I used to watch on occasion and felt like he made some great points about the choices we make and how we live our lives…. So, short of catching my 15-year-old smoking pot in her room (no worries – even my grandkids are older than that), or finding out my husband has three other wives (beLIEVE me – he doesn’t!) here are some of my favorite Dr. Phil-isms: No matter how flat you make a pancake, it’s still …

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The Enemy of the Good – Getting Out of Your Own Way

beaver dam

I love sayings and metaphors. Those who are regular readers of this blog know that from previous posts. I so admire and respect people who just have a “way” of phrasing words to make concepts understandable, even those that are profound and important. I especially like it when I think they are right 🙂 One of the sayings I’ve cited in previous posts has been one that’s most often credited to Voltaire: Perfect is the enemy of the good. I’m going to show you how this saying fits advocacy, and how it can have a profound effect on your practice. …

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Your Advocacy Niche: What, Why, and How

colorful niche

Now that we are vaccinated and socializing again, we are actually going out to restaurants for dinner. Joy! It seems so “normal!” If the restaurant-choice conversation in your house is anything like the one in mine, it begins with “Where should we go?” Followed by, “What do you want to eat?” One person says, “Let’s do a steak place.” Another says “I’d love some good seafood.” Still another says “Thai for me!” Or “Let’s do Italian!” That is a NICHE conversation! Each of those restaurant descriptions is a niche. You’re choosing your restaurant based on its reputation for the kind …

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Marketing the Pivot: Getting Our Clients Back into Their Health Groove

vinyl record grooves

As we all know, the pandemic has thrown so much of life into a tailspin! We’re constantly reminded that in order to get our lives back, we must pivot. We’re all resetting our personal lives. We’re resetting our work lives, too, as more and more of us (and the rest of our worlds) are getting vaccinated, and are opening up. After a year of pivoting in one direction, we’re now having to pivot again – back to, or into our new normal. As smart advocates and care managers, we must also remember this is true for our clients, too. For …

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Elevating Normal

elbow bumps

Today I’m sharing with you a recent revelation, based on a conversation with my friend, Grace. It’s H-U-U-G-E! With just a slight shift in thinking and approach, it can be used to manage our lives in the midst of this pandemic, our dreams for what’s to come post-pandemic, and even more so (and far more appropriate to this blog) our advocacy and care management practices. We’ve Been Selling Peace of Mind What the smartest independent advocates among us understand is that when a prospective client calls to inquire about our services, they aren’t really asking about what services we provide. …

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Looking Beyond the Headlines Can Improve Your Recognition

reading the headlines

Here we are, rounding the corner into 2021, heaving a sigh of relief that 2020 is behind us, and contemplating how we can improve our outcomes – in particular our business outcomes – in this new year. I have a suggestion for you that can help you achieve that! My suggestion begins with the fact that most of us take at least a glance at the headlines every day. Some of us more news-junkie types take more than a brief glance. So if keeping up with the news is something we’re already doing every day anyway, why not put that …

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