Trisha Torrey

Trisha Torrey is the founder and executive director of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates. Find her resume here.

What Does a Patient Advocate Do?

That’s a good question — what does a patient advocate do? And there are a handful of answers, depending on the kind of help you need. Some advocates help you with insurance claims, or review your hospital bills, then negotiate those that are wrong. Others might sit with you at home while you convalesce, or help you understand a difficult diagnosis and an extended list of treatment options. In fact, there’s a long list of services patients or health advocates might provide. Most of these are simple to understand, because this kind of help has actually been around for awhile. …

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As Every Patient’s Advocate, the most frequent request I hear is to try to make a connection between a patient, or the loved one of a patient, and someone who can help navigate medical care on behalf of that patient. Here is a list of the kinds of services they request: Preparation for the doctor’s appointment Accompaniment to doctor’s appointments, tests and procedures Medical research to learn more about diagnoses and treatment options Translating medical language (medspeak) Navigating HIPAA laws and privacy matters Insurance choices, filings, negotiations Elder care / geriatric care Home health services Organization / administration / paperwork …

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