Getting Started as a Health or Patient Advocate or Care Manager

If you have interest in becoming a private, professional, independent patient or health advocate or care manager, there are many resources to help you.

starting line

Here we provide information about taking courses, earning a certificate, joining a patient or health advocacy organization, researching, or participating in web-based conversations. See below to link to the latest information about patient advocacy certification.

Making the Decision: Is a Patient or Health Advocacy Career the Right Choice for You?

When Your Decision Is Made: Find a master list of resources for starting your own private practice here.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Your Advocacy Practice is available as a free download with an APHA membership. Learn more.

Health and Patient Advocate Educational Programs

…provides a master list of all learning opportunities for patient and health advocates and navigators, those who are exploring the concept, or considering advocacy as a career.

Included are overviews and student or member reviews of these private advocacy organizations.

Programs listed include: private advocacy programs, hospital patient advocate and navigator programs, specialized programs, workshops and events, and professional membership organizations.

Mentors – people with experience establishing and growing private advocacy practices, and are willing to teach others to do the same, are available through a membership in The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.


The Health Advocacy Career Series

Plus, to learn about the healthcare system, and ways advocates can assist the patients they work with:

Online Articles and Forums

Patient Advocate Certification:

Health Advocate Code of Conduct and Professional Standards:

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