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Grandson in NYC Hires Patient Advocate in Florida to Help Elderly Grandmother

by Amy E. Cuykendall, Patient Advocates, LLC


I was contacted by an attorney in NYC whose grandmother lived in an independent living facility in Florida.  Her husband had passed, and she had no family here.  My team of RNs and I got involved in her medical care and wellbeing, accompanying her to her appointments, monitoring the meds as they came in and changed from month to month, and assisted with her insurance coverage to make sure these services and meds were paid for.

My RN noticed that the woman had trouble hearing. We scheduled a hearing test and it was determined that she had significant hearing loss. But she refused to get hearing aids. Her hearing continued to deteriorate to the point where she couldn’t hear the hurricane emergency evacuation procedures given during a mandatory presentation at her facility, which I attended with her.  After several months of coaxing, Mrs. R agreed to get fitted for a hearing aid.  She also agreed to get new glasses, see a podiatrist to treat her neglected feet and toes, and take more frequent walks outside to get fresh air!

Getting the hearing aids made a huge difference in the quality of her life, and I am blessed to have been a part of that.

Amy E. Cuykendall
Core Care Advocates, LLC


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  1. Doug Hall

    Great job!
    A Patient Advocate recommends a course of action and lets the patient make all the decisions. Your RN’s observations made a big difference in the quality of the patient’s life. The subtle changes in hearing, vision and foot conditions are frequently missed during the rushed environment of most doctor office appointments. The patient, the local family and the distant grandchildren benefited from your services.
    Thank you for sharing your interesting story.

  2. Colleen South

    Hi Again great job!
    As a nurse myself I have found that the older adult thinks they hear just fine and they do not realize until too late that hearing loss is impacting their life. Just keeping hearing, eyesight,teeth and feet as maintained as possible they retain their independence longer. Even in long term care facilities if there was more time and effort given to these four areas they could eat better and stay well, be able to be more mobile and interact with their environment better with hearing and sight.
    Thank you for bringing what seems like should be common sense to everyones attention.

  3. jodi locke

    This request is kind of a different direction off the path of the above story. I am looking fro an advocate for an elderly gentle man..my grand father inlaw, that we feel has been taking advantage of by a Woman. He is in his 80’s and not in his right mind..may have some stage of dementia. he gave this lady power of attorney because she had grown close to him. She is also married to my father in law( which makes her my Step mother in law). come to find out , my grandafther has now changed his will and left everything to her without anybody knowing this. he has declared his love for her and wants to marry her…..we just found out this last week now she and my father inlaw are divorcing….very concerned she is taking advantage of the situation to end up with everything. Please help…desperately need who i can use to help with htis.

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