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Trisha Torrey is Every Patient's Advocate and the Founder and Director of and the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates. Learn more about Trisha at:

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Oct 14 2012

How Glenn Miller, Johnny Mercer and the Andrews Sisters Helped Dad Weather His Pain

I’ve just returned from Florida, having spent almost two weeks with my sisters, taking care of details since Dad died.  There were plenty of tears – of course.  But even more laughter – because despite our mourning, we shared many marvelous family memories as we uncovered this treasure (good grief – our grade school report …

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Oct 01 2012

The Lessons We’ll Learn from Dad


My father, Richard F. Torrey (known to friends as Dick), passed away yesterday, Sunday, September 30th. He was a remarkable man who led a remarkable life. I tell you this because part of Dad’s legacy is going to be the healthcare and advocacy lessons we learned along the way. Dad as patient. Daughter as advocate. …

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Sep 24 2012

It’s Fair to Say “I Don’t Know”


Nobody can ever be expected to know everything about everything at the moment they need to know it. Yet, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about medical providers – and health advocates, too – is that there is a major reluctance to say “I don’t know.” It’s as if the fact that they don’t know …

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Sep 16 2012

Start and Grow Your Independent, Private Advocacy Practice – Coming Soon!


Coming Soon! I’m happy to announce that my next book is now in the hands of the publisher, in the final stages of being edited, prepped and printed: The Health Advocate’s Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook – is on its way. Pre-orders are now available (through October 1.) ($10 off the total of …

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Sep 10 2012

Don’t Let Your Cause Be the Cause of Lost Business


With the national presidential conventions behind us, and particularly if you live in a swing state, you know that the political campaigning, dressed as attacks and vitriol, is only revving up (as if it can get any worse?) This presidential election will be the first one that social media – like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter …

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Sep 03 2012

In the Absence of Certification – a Code of Conduct and Professional Standards


As private, independent health advocates are very aware, there is no nationally (or internationally) recognized certification for our profession.  As such, there is no recognized – or expected – set of behaviors or standards for our profession either. What exactly does that mean, and why does it matter? Let’s put ourselves in our potential clients’ …

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Aug 27 2012

Don’t Shoot the Messenger


Something I’ve noticed over the past two years or so is that people who write to me for help seem to be getting increasingly belligerent when they don’t like the information I share, or reply to their questions or requests. Three examples: A woman wrote to me through my Patient Empowerment site, asking me …

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Aug 12 2012

Private, Independent – and Potentially Confusing


There is a drug I take, which I have taken for years, which I order from one of the large mail-order benefits companies.  Every 90 days or so, I log on, wend my way to ‘refill your prescription” and wait for a few days until it arrives.  It’s a beautiful thing. Last week – not …

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